Telcosat RPT-1900 Cellular Repeater

Coming soon, Telcosat will bring to the market a Mini Pico DAS (Distributed Antenna System), the CELL SEEKER.

Able to work with ALL carriers across four frequency bands, the Cell Seeker showcases the latest in self-seeking technology.

The benefit to you is that when you switch on the Cell Seeker it will automatically scan the frequency bands, find the strongest cell tower signal, and lock onto the signal to give you the clearest cell phone signal reception possible.

Our design incorporates a low noise amplifier with the outdoor antenna. The amplifier will be powered via the coax connecting cable, thus eliminating any requirement for power at the outdoor antenna.

Most in-building designs have a long length of coax from the outdoor antenna feeding into the amplifier. The long coax absorbs a lot of the weak signals which degrades the system performance and coverage area.

By incorporating the amplifier with the antenna the signal levels and signal quality are greatly improved.

Another great feature of the Pico DAS Cell Seeker is the 4 port inline line amplifier. This aspect of the design permits the connection of longer coax cable lengths and multiple indoor antennas without causing signal loss and weak coverage. The Pico DAS Cell Seeker will be capable of connecting 8 antennas.

This powerful quad band system will be able to cover an entire floor of typically 100,000 square feet.

Our technical team has designed the Telcosat Cell Seeker Quad Band Repeater using a modular concept. This means the major components, such as the power amplifiers and the uplink / downlink up-converter boards, are individual components. Each separate PCB board is housed in an rugged case that is machined from a solid block of aluminum.

If you have any questions regarding cellular repeater applications, please contact us today and a member of our technical team would be pleased to assist you.

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