Pure Signals 10, 15, 20, 30dB In Line, Dual Band Pre-Amp

Amplification Without Degradation

Telcosat RPT-900 Cellular Repeater

The Pure Signals series of Inline, dual band, low noise amplifiers will improve the signal to noise levels, reduce the effects of signal reflections generated from long coax feeds, reduce the requirement to increase the coax diameter, and and remove the need to install larger Power Amplifiers.

Pure Signals in-line pre-amplifiers are available in 4 models:

  • PS-10 : 10dB gain
  • PS-15 : 15dB gain
  • PS-20 : 20dB gain
  • PS-30: 30dB gain

Each model operates in the frequency range 824MHz to 1990MHz. Used in a DAS system a Pure Signal PS20 in line pre-amp will improve antenna signal by over 200 times as well as  signal sensitivity without degrading signal quality.

Technical support, warranty and all repairs are available in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The exceptionally reliable pre amp board is housed in a  contemporary designed high grade machined aluminum casing to ensure for an extremely robust, durable and waterproof product.  The pre-amp will withstand the harshest temperature environments from -45o to + 55o celsius.

Like all Telcosat products, the Pure Signals in-line pre-amp is designed and manufactured in Canada.

If you have any questions regarding the application or use of a Pure Signals In-line pre-amp  please contact us today and a member of our design team would be pleased to assist you.

Pure Signals In-Line Dual Band Pre Amp by Telcosat

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range:
824 - 849 MHz (Uplink),
869 - 894 MHz (Downlink)
1850 - 1910 MHz (Uplink)
1930 - 1990 MHz (Downlink)
Max Power Output: +20dBm
Maximum Input Signal: 0dBm
PS-10: 10dB
PS-15: 15dB
PS-20: 20dB
PS-30: 30dB
RF Connectors: 50 Ohm N Type, Male/Female
Water Proof: IP68 Outdoor Rated
Power Supply AC: 120 VAC wall adapter AC to DC
Power Supply DC: 12 - 24VDC via coax
Power Consumption: 5W
Operating Temperature: -45ºC to +55ºC
RF Connectors: 50 Ohm N Type, Female
Unit Size: 5.27" x 5.78" x 1.25", 13.4 x 14.67 x 3.17cm
Weight: 2.2 lbs, 1 kg Typical
Enclosure Type: IP67 Aluminum
Warranty: 1 year
Input signal bypass mode when the input level exceeds 0dBm.

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