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Telcosat has installed cell boosters in an extensive variety of locations.

Our client list is international, wide-ranging, long and impressive. The client list below, which is far from exhaustive, serves to demonstrate the VARIETY of our installation work.

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Alberta Canada


British Columbia


Cockburn Island, Lake Huron


DND (Canadian Forces )

Eastern USA

Enchantment Resort Sedona

Food Inspection

Golf Course

Hutterite Colonies

Inglewood Calgary

Leisure Resort





Prince Rupert British Columbia



USA and Canada


cell phone coverage to numerous remote oil and gas exploration sites throughout the Province

deliver island wide coverage to an exclusive island on the BTC (Bahamas Telecom) network.

coverage to sailing docks.

provide cell phone service throughout National Parks

provide island wide coverage.

enable cell phone cover to a 4 level underground parkade.

provide cell phone repeaters for general wide area coverage.

in building coverage to seed plant.

in building coverage to this prestigious luxury resort.

in building cell phone cover to Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

wide area coverage to a private golf course.

supply cell phone signal to the farm land and throughout the buildings of the Hutterite Colonies

in building cell phone coverage for 163,000 sq ft multi use (retail and office) building

extend cell phone cover to remote camp grounds

installation of repeaters underground for numerous deep mine operations

in building cell phone signal cover in high rise office for Nigerian national bank

cell phone coverage to a rural town.

cell phone signal underground for numerous deep mine operations

facilitate wide area coverage to a roll on roll off ferry port and Customs area using RF Over Fibre.

extended cell phone signal cover throughout a number of large private residences and the surrounding ranch land.

cell phone signal booster approved vendor to Telus

provide in building cell phone signal to remote work camps

extend cell phone signal to rural locations