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Telcosat Inc is pleased to offer a wide selection of FCC and Industry Canada certified cell phone signal repeater/boosters. Select a product below to learn more about the specific application and specifications. If you are unsure which products are right for you contact us today and we will be happy to discuss the right option to fully meet your requirement.

In-Building Cell Phone Signal Coverage By Telcosat

New buildings, high rise buildings and older buildings with more robust construction frequently suffer from poor or no cell phone signal. The images below show a prediction carried out by Telcosat for a client. The building, in downtown Calgary Alberta, comprises four above ground floors with a total space of 163,000sq ft, and two levels of below ground parkade with a total of 308 parking stalls. The images below are scaled 3D models of the building and show the cell phone coverage on one floor and one level of parkade before and after the installation of cell phone boosters. Telcosat RPT-900 Cellular Repeater

As a result of our initial site survey we plotted the signal levels throughout the building before the installation of cell phone boosters. The image to the left demonstrates the results of our survey. The black indicates the abscence of any measureable cell phone signal. The blue indicates limited cell phone reception. This level is consistent with what was expected close to a window. Throughout the parkade level there was no signal at all.

Telcosat RPT-900 Cellular Repeater
The image to the left demonstrates the predicted measured signal levels throughout the building, across the same two floors, after the installation of cell phone boosters. Red indicates a strong cell phone signal (5 bars), and coincides with the location of the installed antennas. As can be seen there is now also strong cell phone signal throughout the underground car park. The site survey and client walk through carried out after the installation confirmed the accuracy of the prediction.
  • Do you need cell phone signal for your office ?
  • Are you experiencing lost/dropped calls in your building?
  • Do you need good in building cell phone signal service throughout your building, or even in your parkade?
  • Would you like to get good cell phone signal service in your underground mine operation?
  • Do you need expert help in solving your underground or in-building cell phone coverage problems?

To find out how to light up your mining operation or provide quality cell phone signal for your in-building requirement click HERE.

RPT-900                 850 MHz Cellular Repeater

The RPT 900 800MHz repeater is our flagship product and has been in service since 2002. All Telcosat repeater products are built using the highest quality components, and consequently the original repeater has amassed over 122,000 hours of service without failure. As a result we can confidently say that the RPT900 repeater line has a greater than 122,000hrs Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and is still counting.

The RPT 900 has been built to survive the extreme cold weather climate of Canada down to -40C and highest heat and humidity of a Nigerian summer +40C. Like all of our repeater products, the RPT 900 operates in an outdoor environment without further protection,

If you need 4G, LTE, CDMA or GSM coverage the RPT 900 is the perfect choice.,

RBB-850                 Indoor 850 MHz Cellular Repeater

The Telcosat RBB-850 with 70dB RF gain is the perfect solution for dead zones, in-buildings or underground locations.

The RBB-850 uses the same, proven, technology found in the other Telcosat products, but is tailored specifically for indoor or underground applications. The RBB 850 is safe to use outdoors in temperatures between +50C and -40C, and is not affected by rain, snow, dust, or ice as the rugged enclosure utilizes rubber o'ring gaskets for full protection and sealing.

The RBB 850 comes with full remote control via a web based easy to use interface. Connect the unit to a network and you can remotely monitor and control your repeater. The remote monitoring will also send out email alarms to three user email addresses.

RPT-1900                 1900 MHz Cellular Repeater

Telcosat Inc. is proud to introduce the RPT 1900 repeater. The RPT 1900 provides cell phone coverage in the 1800 to 1900 MHz Band for 4G LTE, CDMA, EDGE, GSM, TDMA, AMPS, and WCDMA. Like all Telcosat products, the RPT-1900 is engineered and manufactured in Canada. The RPT 1900 is the perfect solution for indoor or urban environments and will easily pick up signals from tens of kilometers away.

IDEN-800                 IDEN Cellular Repeater

The IDEN-800 is custom built per client. Please contact us for your requirements.

FPT-5000                RF Over Fibre Cellular Repeater

The Telcosat FPT-5000 allows you to convert a quality RF signal into a light pattern, which is then transmitted through a fibre optic cable, and finally converted back into an RF signal. This useful tool can bypass dead zones cause by buildings, mountains, or other obstacles with ease.

Pure Signals 10, 15, 20, 30dB  In-Line Dual Band Pre Amp

The Telcosat Pure Signals series of dual band pre amps are available with gains in the range of 10, 15, 20 or 30dB and operate in the frequency range of 824 - 1990MHz. Fully waterproof and with a maximum output power of +20dBm, and maximum input level of 0dBm, the Pure Signals series of pre-amps are ideally suited for use with 3G, 4G LTE, CDMA, EDGE, GSM and WCDMA inbuilding or outdoor projects. Like all Telcosat products, the Pure Signals series of pre-amps are designed and manufactured in Canada.

Bias T                  Waterproof DC Injector

The Telcosat 32V dc, 700MHz to 2.5GHz Bias T (Bias Tee) DC Injector is waterproof, extremely rugged and durable and would easily meet “military grade” standards. Able to withstand wide extremes of temperature a Telcosat Bias Tee is ideal for designs where low cost, high quality, space limitation, and outdoor all weather environments are critical. Telcosat Bias T's are passive coaxial devices used to inject DC currents or voltages into RF circuits without affecting the RF signal through the main transmission path. Bias tees are useful when trying to provide an RF signal and DC power to a remote device without running two separate cables.

This product is ideal for test labs and systems where remote power over RF is a major factor in the design.

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